Flag Day was yesterday, and it was Scott Moyer’s birthday, too!


Today is June Riddell’s Birthday. What do these two wonderful friends of mine have in common? They are MOST musical and fun to be with — besides the fact they are so SPECIAL! I have had more fun and learned more about music and people with them than I have with most people in my life. One reason is that Scott is a great instructor, and the other is that June is not only my friend Nick (Vincent’s) Mom…but She and Nick are both fabulous musicians (Nick and I decided in Jr. High to go to Music College together)!

Do you have many friends that are musical? I think it’s a great way to grow musically, because you will spend a certain amount of your time together getting into musical situations and conversations (not to mention many musical experiences of various types such as going to concerts, listening to all kinds of music, et al.). So, today’s blog is just a quick thank you to those two friends, and to let them know how much it means to me — having spent time with them, and all the things we did together and talked about over the years! I am grateful and the better for it!

I hope you too will find these kinds of friends to grow with, and enjoy all kinds of music! Until the next time…


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