In a way — I HOPE NOT!

Welcome back to Facts Of Music® and the facts of life (and indigestion…maybe). It is hoped you had a terrific Thanksgiving (if in America!), and that your days have been and will continue to be filled with much good musicI have been working on too many projects, personal and musical, but it looks like the near-future will be more focused on MUSIC — and I am “Thankful” (grateful) for that!

Personal busy-ness is not bad, but those of us who know and enjoy music (the way I do) LOVE to spend some quality time learning and creating. There is so much excellent technology to make good music these days, but it does take patience and a lot of experimentation to make special and beautiful music come out of us! It’s not as easy as “1,2,3,4” — although a lot of our music starts out just that way!

This is just a quick note of thanks to those of you who visit the site and read/subscribe to this blog. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I will be writing again in the next week or two with the much delayed and promised FOM PDFs to start our journey into the vault of fun stuff we can learn/study in a better, faster way (and get those sought-after “quicker results!”).

Until the next time — keep on thinking musically. It WILL help you in all other things!