O.K….this was the last of the Latin prose paragraphs…just thought you’d like to see some English here.

Nothing new here to report…as of yet. I just needed to get rid of the Latin prose, since hardly anyone could read it!

New Picture coming here…eventually!

There’s Philippe playing the ‘ol Les Paul, Jr. – one of his “oldest musical pals” – these instruments get to be your old friends…especially when you’ve been playing them extensively for about 40 years! This guitar has a surprising variety of sounds, all great! You may want to hear one of them, in particular. Check out the “pseudo-Santana” track at about the 9th minute of the youtube video featured here on the site…just click on the “testimonials” section, and forward the video to ± the 8th or 9th minute. Sounds like vintage 1970’s Santana!

By the way… the piece was written, performed (all instruments), and engineered/produced by Philippe at Facts Of Music® Productions.

On The Road (Again!)

On The Road (Again!)

Well folks, there has been a lot going on here at Facts Of Music lately, and it’s about time to post something about it! One of the great things about technology these days is the possibility of doing many types of functions in the amount of time it used to take to do one or two. I will be elaborating and commenting on various and new combinations of things – like playing multiple instruments, recording them, and video-taping your performances in almost real-time (virtually!). Seriously though, it’s amazing what you can do with a little know-how, equipment, and practice (rehearsing).

I’ll try to fill you in on all of this in the coming week or two, and then we can try to apply the rules of the road (the show, of course – you know, “taking the show on the road!”). Thanks for reading, and I’ll keep you posted – SOON!