Well, it’s Monday, it’s March 1st, and there’s a lot of water under the bridge (and everywhere in general, actually)! It’s been a while since my last post…very busy, yet lots of time to work on extraneous details and PLAY. YES, some of that meant playing (as in MUSIC!), as well as playing around.

I hope life has been similarly good to you in those ways, and I encourage you to keep on attempting/attacking toward that end. CARPE DIEM is the catch phrase most often used to describe that effort.

HOW CAN WE DO OR ACHIEVE THIS? I’ve noticed that by rotating my interests (switching back and forth from one type of activity to another…), I have been able to integrate various disciplines and continue to GROW in more areas.

We are in this “intense information age” of everything coming at us at once…and it can be so overwhelming, so we need to get a GOOD PERSPECTIVE on it! Let me illustrate my idea:

In a sentence…I’ve got musical instruments to play, computers and programs to work on and figure out, magazines and books to read…and music and videos to listen and watch. Then, …what (…I need to get a part for my car?!!!)…

TRY THIS…write down 5 things you want to do in the next 8 hours…allot time-frames for each, and then ATTACK! It’s amazing how much you can accomplish (thanks to that “little plan!”). AMERICA can become great again…maybe. But, it will take this kind of efficiency and efficacious attention to detail to get us there…and most definitely the GRACE OF GOD!

Check it out, and GO FOR IT (I always encourage you – knowing you CAN!)… :-) All the best to you until…….