I can’t even believe it’s been this long since my last post. When you get a lot of new equipment, you can get lost in it…when you get a lot of new equipment all at once, it’s easy to be buried alive in it! Fortunately, there really is such a thing as “resurrection” – and I’m proof of it. Not only am I coming back to life, it’s also BETTER THAN EVER!

The thing is, and this is the truth…I really won’t be able to get a handle on much of this gear for months and even years to come. Some might feel “overwhelmed” by this. I’m here to tell you DON’T BE, AND GO FOR IT! I have done this repeatedly in my life…and recommend it to almost everyone. What do I mean?

Look, we have all read books and/or gone to movies and seen things get done that seemed impossible. Sometimes…they were! But, they still happened. People can accomplish amazing things if they put their minds to it. YOU can accomplish so much if you really want to and really try – no stopping, no quitting, no time to complain…just forge ahead. YES, there are constant set-backs and difficulties, but they only last for a time. Around the corner, there’s another breakthrough, and each of these breakthoughs are always SO WORTH IT! The work it takes to get there is always rewarded in the long-run, and that’s why I’m encouraging you to go along for the ride.

A couple weeks ago, I posted something here on the site that WENT TO THE WRONG PART OF THE PAGE! I didn’t know how it got there, and how to “move it” to where it should go. I was too tired to deal with it, and finally did so a few days later. Actually, I scrapped the post – I wish I didn’t (don’t remember the text exactly), and as a result…what you see here is the NEXT post. The point is…I tried, I failed, I tried again…I got rid of the “mistake”…and now I’m moving into this moment with the post you’re reading! THERE’S NO WAY I COULD DO THIS 6 MONTHS AGO.

I went to NAMM (the annual Music Convention) in January, and went to a seminar on “How to build your website on a dime.” I heard about this way of doing things…and then called someone to help me with it. Turns out it would have cost $2,000.00 to have them do it for/with me. I said, “$2K is a lot of dimes, no?” So, I “waited” to see if the price might come down, or if there might be another way to “skin this cat.” End result: I built this site on a dime. How? My friend Peter (who is a media EXPERT in every sense: his website is www.dukemedia.com) gave me the where-with-all to get the job done, and has given me the baton – to run with it (Oh yeah, he does charge more than a dime…but he’s MY friend!).

What does all of this have to do with Rock & Roll? I’ll tell you what…”we’re rocking now”…here…and it’s only the VERY BEGINNING. More on the next post…I want to tell you about the direction this is going, and how you, too, can get your act (show) on the road! See ya!

It’s Saturday May 23, 2009. What happened to the month? Oh yeah, I remember now…I’ve been picking up lots of new gear (all the stuff I had to research first…and decide what NOT to get, along with what TO get!). Next week, I want to tell you a bit about the good and bad of doing a full-on melt-down of all my applications (erasing and installing). IN MY CASE, it needed to be done that way. It’s a GREAT WAY as long as you know what you’re doing, and HOW you’re going to need to do it. I’m talking about an ERASE AND INSTALL…yikes! More on that next week…see ya then! Keep on playing and learning (music and computers/software!!!)