Long Time No Post, Just Back From Nashville


Greetings and Salutations Facts Of Music® friends and fans!

I know, I know — it’s been forever since I last posted a blog (June, to be exact)…

Would you like to hear about some MUSIC NEWS? Country music (and Rock)? Well then, READ ON…

I’ve been keeping my usual fare of “busy,” and have been playing in a variety of settings over these past 5-6 months. It’s been about that long since I started re-focusing on Country music, and playing more of it. I’ve been listening to the only Country Radio station in L.A. — namely KKGO “Go Country” 105.1fm (oh, well — there may be other ways to hear country — i.e. on the internet)! KKGO 105.1 is the ONLY Country Radio station that gives people the chance to win all kinds of “Country” things. I had the distinct pleasure of going to Nashville and seeing (among other things) Jason Aldean and the CMA awards (on KKGO’s nickel!).

It’s almost the Holidays, and I am grateful (even closer to Thanksgiving!) for the opportunity to have participated with KKGO on this “super-trip” that I enjoyed with my “partner for Country Music Affairs” (another CMA of sorts!) — photographer, media and technology specialist extraordinaire: Peter Duke.

Peter first suggested that I specialize (again) in Country Music…and that is the direction I find myself in and enjoying the most lately. Something everyone should notice (about Country) is how much it has become the “Rock” of today (with the original roots of Rock Music being from the heartland of America, and those southern roots!). While in Nashville last week, Peter and I noticed how truly “Rock” it was over there — and we had an absolute blast. Please go to my FaceBook account to see pictures — Peter posted quite a few: www.facebook.com/philippe.willems

There should be some video coming soon (from the trip), and I will be happy to let you know how to see it — when it’s ready! Those video clips should be coming in the next week or so, and I will certainly inform you when I can get them up…stay tuned/check in again SOON! Until then, I hope you keep on playing music and doing all things musical to your heart’s content…


Philippe :-)


One Response to “Long Time No Post, Just Back From Nashville”
  1. larry winer says:

    Hi again,

    We met a few months ago–i came by your place on a referal from chris wooley

    I wanted to overdub his voice on a prerecorded track

    well i finally finished the new lyrics and wound up rewriting the verse melody/chords also

    so I probably have to record the whole song

    while rewriting this song another song was born

    so i need to record 2 songs


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