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My long-time friend Christopher (Wooley) and I like to play live together at various and sundry occasions, usually as a duo. In this case, we were trying out some “lighting” with studio lights in the Facts Of Music productions studio one day! After deciding that I (Philippe) didn’t quite have the experience to set the lights…we went directly to camera and made this little ditty…hope you like it!

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  1. Bruce Lipson says:


    I’ve been searching the internet trying to hunt down some of my old friends, and stumbled across this site. Lo and behold! I get two hits in one; both you and Chris. Anyhow, the purpose of my nostalgic browsing is that I’m coming into town this summer and would like to get together with some of the old crowd. FYI, I’ve been living in rural Maryland for the last twenty years. I still play quite frequently, but the music scene here is quite provincial, and somewhat limiting. Drop me a email, so we can re-connect and perhaps hook up this summer.

    (301) 524-7945

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