Happy April Fool’s Day (Just kidding…it’s April 2nd!!!) -HA!


Facts Of Music® Productions is NOT producing as much/enough – at the present time – because of the current full-plate of learning curve activities.

It’s important to keep producing, while in the midst of learning new things, but it’s not always possible to do a lot of both AT THE SAME TIME. So, what’s being learned? And for that matter, what else is…UP?

Glad you asked (again April Fool’s – a day late, of course). Seriously, the new MacBook Pro 17″ is in the air. You say, “hey, wait a minute, you already have one of those!” TRUE. This is another one, a new one (yes, the 3rd!), and it’s in Anchorage, AK right now – going through customs. It should arrive at my doorstep on Monday morning (a bit of a late PRESENT from the Easter Bunny!).

There have been some repeated technical issues, and as a result, APPLE keeps sending me a new one (usually bigger, better and faster!) every month, lately. This is one reason for the slowdown in productivity. Never fear, the projects keep on being “cranked out” with the 8-core studio computer. So, as soon as I can get the new machine loaded with over 160 GBs of software…the real productivity will continue – at the screaming pace of…all things “APPLE FAST!”

Back to the question…”What’s being learned?”

Speaking of APPLE, on top of the other activities, FOM Productions is adding APPLE’s LOGIC PRO to the roster of offerings, and Philippe is hands-full/hands-on at the computer getting the feet wet with all the plug-ins and parameters of the highly acclaimed music recording Monster APP. The new Logic Pro is really something, and yes, DP (Digital Performer, by MOTU) is still in full swing at the studio. Now, we’ll be offering the best of both worlds…and that will be an advantage to all who care to partake!

That’s all for now (back to work)…remember to keep on playing, plugging, and plodding. To be continued…

Musically, Philippe Willems :-)

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