CHEERS FROM NAMM – Lots of cheers! Lots of Stars, and lots of cool new GEAR!


I hope some of you reading this had the opportunity to see the show…or at least attend some of the concert events and parties in the area! The energy was infectious, and it was a good sign that some exciting things are coming to our industry this year. If you are optimistic about your music/work…then being at NAMM was quite an encouragement even above that!

Anyone who believes in their project(s) should be reassured that 2010 is going to present some great opportunities. Also, if you wonder what you can do to make it a great year…something I saw over and over again, and had the occasion to hear from others…is that we have more going for us now than ever before. The reality that technology has brought us to a new independent “know-how” and “capability” is already a done-deal. JUST DO IT. If you don’t have a “rig” yet, put one together, and GET IT TOGETHER. Produce to your heart’s content, and get the content out there! There is no excuse (not to), just apathy (laziness)! Let’s GO (or as was said on 9-11…let’s roll) – and to borrow and further that idea, in our case: LET’S ROCK ‘N ROLL – and all other styles, of course :-)

Hope to cross paths with you soon, …and keep modulating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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