Is It Holiday (Music) Mania Yet?


WOW! It’s late Monday night (after midnight) – so on to the 15th of December!!! You’ve got 10 shopping days (inclusive!!!) left until Christmas…and if you’re celebrating Channukah…you’ve only got a couple of days left!!!

Now, what about shopping and gifts…everything is on sale. WHO CARES (?) …most everything is on sale all of the time! Well, that’s true – EXCEPT FOR ALL THE COOLEST STUFF YOU WANT…it’s NEVER on sale. What’s up with that? I’m “allergic to retail” – so, whatever I buy (all year round) is on sale anyway! Beyond that…what really matters, and from me and the Facts Of Music® folks to you…is…

“We wish you a Merry Christmas…We wish you a Merry Christmas…We wish you a Merry Christmas, – and a Happy New Year!”

It might sound “dated,” but IT’S TRUE! And, it’s the reason for the season (well, New Year’s is another, more “secondary reason,” but…)! Hey, I’m not even going to get into the discussion about Christmas music….and “what’s legit and what isn’t!!!

ANYWAY, I sincerely hope you get what you NEED…and need what you get. I have for years (decades, even) the most important thing I could want…and that has been my FAITH in the Lord Jesus Christ (it’s a Christian and Jewish thing…remember, the Messiah?). Before Christianity (proper), there was the “old story” – and that is what my faith is predicated on. THAT old story is what happened before all the history leading to our “Christmas and New Year’s holidays” (that just about everyone alive today knows (and so many of us celebrate)!

Everything else in my life seems related to what I know and think ABOUT THAT. Most my close friends are “hip” to my thoughts in that area (not that they know a whole lot about some of the details about what I think in my theology – it depends on HOW WELL they know me…and HOW LONG!!!).

One more thing…most of you who frequent this site play and/or sing. I hope you will do so with gusto during this FANTASTIC SEASON and time of celebration and reflection. It’s “year end” and I hope you will look back at all the things you’ve hopefully accomplished, and all the things you didn’t that are important to you – that you’ll put that/those HIGH on your list and LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING THOSE GOALS SOON! Plan and DO! Have a great one, and until the next time…KEEP ON LEARNING AND PLAYING… PW :-)

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