Wow! Last week was chock-full of great stuff! There was the HD Expo for all of us entertainment technology buffs on Wednesday and Thursday…and then there was the annual TAXI Road Rally for all of us who can’t get enough music/songwriting/artist fixes – what a whirlwind of exciting experiences in just a matter of 5 days!

My goal for this site, in the very near future, is to put up photos and video of some of these kinds of things – so you can actually participate vicariously (or should I say, “VIRTUALLY!”)…Seriously, folks…we can do this, and it is so cool!

I’d like to put in a very heartfelt plug for TAXI and Michael Laskow (who does an amazing job every year) for the success and wonderful community that is brought together at this event. If you are serious about your craft, and you are a contender in the writing world of songs and music…you NEED to get involved with TAXI on various levels. Become a member, hone your songs, and GROW! If your material is already there (on the professional level) – TAXI can get you to the next level (or even…LEVELS!!!). If you’re not “there” YET, then TAXI is one of the few real places you can go to GROW to that point. And, if that wasn’t enough already…you will want to plan to catch/attend this amazing convergence of wonderful and talented artists from the world over…and be a part of the community! It happens every November…for the past 13 years. Don’t miss the next one! If you’re serious, go to and find out more!

I’ve got to get back into the studio, so I’ll catch up with you again soon. Please contact me whenever you like, and I’ll get right back to you. MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW! Get to it! Talk to you soon, PW :-)

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