Mission Accomplished (Really?) READ ON…


Is the mission really accomplished? YES! What mission you ask? Well…last week I posted for the first time in about a month, and discussed making a plan for success and how to stick to it (see “Fall Has Fallen”). And…I did it! At the end, I mentioned that it was a goal of mine to post another blog entry this week. It has been a busy one, but here it is…another music motivating tip to keep you pushing forward with your career! And, it’s only Wednesday (well, it’s almost Thursday). SO…

Here’s my thought for you this week…

It’s a GOOD THING to take a few minutes and assess how you are doing with your “development.” We are all in a constant state of flux…and so is our environment. What has changed for you lately (?)…this week…this month…this year? How does this affect your talent, your skills, your ability to contribute to your society, trade, family?

I constantly tell people (acquaintances and close family and friends alike) to push themselves to the limit in whatever endeavor they want to…with one caveat: make a plan to focus on that endeavor (or maybe 2-to-3 MAX).

The important thing is to stick with whatever that 1-to-3 things would be for at least a reasonable enough amount of time to see progress in that/those area(s). I know it probably seems silly to state this so plainly, but how many times do we start something…something we really want to try or achieve, only to get discouraged and stop or interrupt our development before any results even have a chance of coming to fruition?!!! It happens all too many times, folks!

Don’t let this be your story/case. STICK WITH IT!

Alright…so, what’s your goal? What is something you can accomplish, with a little consistent effort? Once you pick a worthwhile project/goal/task…figure out what it might take to make it happen!

Please take a moment now to make that plan, and start to execute it immediately. Accomplish your goal. And when you do…LET ME KNOW. I’ll be proud of you and excited for you! GO FOR IT. You will also be pleased with your accomplishment…that’s a great feeling!

Until next time…KEEP ON KEEPING ON! I want to read/hear: Mission Accomplished!

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