Fall Has Fallen (or…Fall Fell)!


The news is this: NO MORE 100+ DAYS OF INDIAN SUMMER/HEAT…it’s time for the leaves to fall, and soon…set the clocks back! As for a routine, I am hoping we can all get into one now, so we can accomplish much on a REGULAR basis. My life has been filled with various unpredictable distractions, but I have managed to FOCUS ON THE MUSIC.

I guess I should add that my bearings have been kept on mark by my spiritual life priority of spending plenty of time (daily) with my nose to the grindstone (that means daily intake of Doctrine from the Scriptures – in their original languages, as well as the historical context in which they are/were written). I SAY ALL OF THIS, BECAUSE YOU NEED TO KNOW THERE IS A DIFFERENCE WITH BEING THEOLOGICAL AND/VERSUS BEING RELIGIOUS/SPIRITUAL. In other words… “don’t try this at home.” Why do I say this? Because most people are not trained or prepared to make informed “critical decisions/conclusions” – and that is why we have so much confusion and misinformation with regard to this “spiritual” topic.
Now, back to the MUSICAL SEGMENT of this blog…

The way to stay on track/target in our musical lives is by planning carefully what we want to (need to!) accomplish. Secondly, we need to execute that plan…however challenging we make it. I suggest a light load to begin with, one or two tasks – that you feel you might be able to easily accomplish. This is GREAT because you have the sense of accomplishment and SUCCESS in doing so. If you don’t succeed, then you can re-evaluate, or try the same load again.

Plan on a week’s work, and try to accomplish it. My goal this week includes getting another blog up next week. That will also signal the change in season…summer’s over, and “THE ROUTINE CONTINUES (resumes, actually!). Be well, and if you have a question, please shoot it over to me. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks, Philippe :-)

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