It’s mid-July and “hotter than July” – Great Music-Cooking Weather!


"On The Road Again" - Again (still)!

"On The Road Again" - Again (still)!

Well, yes indeed…it’s time to be writing some “hot-stuff” and lots of different types of music! This week, it’s been great writing and recording with producer/bassist extraordinaire LOU CASTRO. I remember the fun time he and I met, sitting-in at the famed “Baked Potato,” in North Hollywood. We were playing with the Screaming Cocktail Hour (a great, jamming band)…and afterwards, introduced ourselves and asked each other the usual questions about recent gigs and various types of work we both did. At that moment, we found out we had both been playing on the same album…one that in fact HE was producing (for Emyna Starshine), and it was so funny that we had never met or known that we were in fact playing together on that project.

See…this is what happens on a regular basis (it seems) in this town! Ever since the advent of electronic transfer of media, it’s ever more common that we can send tracks to various artists/studios and bring them all together…and, VOILÀ! A hit is made!!! Check out shows like: TMZ, EXTRA, TYRA BANKS, THE BONNIE HUNT SHOW…you may be hearing some “FACTS OF MUSIC® tracks of mine, and other co-writing partners like LOU CASTRO and JAY BOLAN.

Well, I guess it’s time to get back to doing just that. Tomorrow, Lou and I are getting together to work on two tracks we hope you’ll be hearing somewhere out there soon! Keep coming back here to the FACTS OF MUSIC® site whenever you get a minute, and keep working on your musical life. Get in touch when you can, I’d love to hear from you and find out what you’re doing, too!!!

P.S. I hope to be adding more video and audio tracks to the site soon…I’d like you to see and hear what we’re doing over here. If you get a chance to be in the area, be sure and let me know. Let’s get together and make some music! I’ve worked with artists from practically all over the world, and am talking now with a promising artist from Senegal: “Sauce Kid” – who is planning to come to the U.S. in August. Hopefully I can connect him with another friend from Sierra Leone (both in West Africa)…”Sulaimon Fofana.” It’s great working with folks from all over the world, and knowing that right here, in the entertainment capital, we have a”melting-pot” of talent unlike any other place on earth! KEEP ON CRAFTING YOUR ART…musically, PW :-)

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