O.K….this was the last of the Latin prose paragraphs…just thought you’d like to see some English here.

Nothing new here to report…as of yet. I just needed to get rid of the Latin prose, since hardly anyone could read it!

New Picture coming here…eventually!

There’s Philippe playing the ‘ol Les Paul, Jr. – one of his “oldest musical pals” – these instruments get to be your old friends…especially when you’ve been playing them extensively for about 40 years! This guitar has a surprising variety of sounds, all great! You may want to hear one of them, in particular. Check out the “pseudo-Santana” track at about the 9th minute of the youtube video featured here on the site…just click on the “testimonials” section, and forward the video to ± the 8th or 9th minute. Sounds like vintage 1970’s Santana!

By the way… the piece was written, performed (all instruments), and engineered/produced by Philippe at Facts Of Music® Productions.